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Truths I found from iPad2 – E-magazine

I used to have plan to used iPad2 as a replacement for buying monthly magazines. I see (and assume) that e-magazines are cheaper than the real one (from my experiences with Kindle), save space to keep the hardcopy, more interactive, can bring it anywhere and there are many Thai magazines available on iPad platform (and keep growing, yeh from my assumption again).

After I have chance to proof it by myself, below are the truths that I found.
1. Yeh, it save space in your room to keep the hardcopy but you still need to have spaces to keep it on your iPad. Differ from Kindle books, iPad magazines are a lot bigger. We may bring 100+ (if not reach 1,000) books with us on Kindle, but we can’t do that with iPad since the e-magazines mostly size 200-300 MB and upper. If you own 16 GB model, you may have limit to take around 30 magazines with you.

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Consumer are variety and different

Like Marketing said that Consumer are always variety and different. For iPad2, there are people who think the 3G model is only the correct choice to buy while there are still other people who think that the Wifi model is enough and also better in save money. There are people who prefer black model as always and also people who thirsty for only everything in white. There are people who buy only the biggest 64Gb model and people who think the smallest 16GB is the correct way to go, while still there are people who think the middle 32GB model is the most suit choice.

This is basic but it also make me surprise from times to times when see it in real life. Cheers, marketers! 🙂