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Premium experiences coffee shop above premiums at Dean & Deluca

Premium is the positioning we frequently imagine our product to has. One way to stay at the premium level should be giving an unique experience.

If we talk about premium coffee, I believe many people will think about Starbucks, me too. The comparison between things also be one key to figure out which is more premium. This will make sense if we compare Starbucks and Dean&Deluca. It’s clearly that Dean’ was seem to be more premium when compared to Starbucks, why? Major reason from me is because it only has one branch in Bangkok, compared to Starbucks xx branches, if not exceed 100 aleady. Second should be the food that freshly made by themselves rather than order from the hotel. Third maybe the unique decoration and space with high ceiling. Last but not least maybe the Place that Dean&Deluca stay togethger with the signature Mahanakorn project, the new construction of tall building with unique design in Bangkok.

If you are fans of Starbucks premium coffee & experiences. You should come to try Dean & Deluca once, and let’s share. 😉