First time with BlackBerry Torch 9800

I just accidentally bought my new BlackBerry Torch 9800 last Saturday (Dec 4, 2010) from Paragon itself, not AIS or dtac shop. It was from new official distributor of RIM in Thailand name “SiS” (, big distributors of big brands like HP, HTC and Apple in Thailand (Did you know? : All Apple products you find inside Paragon and The Mall itself are all from SiS – oh!).

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I am a writer

I am a writer. I love to blog. I like to express my thought from the things I have experienced in life, which included the places I have visited, the ads I have seen, the magazines I have read. I like to take photo from it too. To capture it in digital format would help less the paper I will use, and let other people to take it instead of me, hope to help the environment from that. Things I written will related to my interests like advertising, technology and gadgets, social, economic but less on political, I’ll try to be out of that.

Wrote on Nov 22, 2010 @ Starbucks SCB Park