External harddisc design for MacAir

First impression with this external harddisc by Western Digital that very suit to the MacAir users. It’s seem like it made for each other.

[later added] I find this device available at iStudio Nawamin City branch. It’s name is “My Passport Essential“. This MacAir like color model available in 2 sizes, 320 GB at 1,650 THB and 500 GB at 2,150 THB. Hope this info useful for who interest in it. 🙂

Cheap rates Chat war against BlackBerry

From success of BlackBerry chat, aka. BBM, make the BlackBerry brand not just business brand anymore. When I look around department store (yes, Paragon) or BTS sky train, I will see at least one young boy/girl typing BlackBerry chat in hands. However, BlackBerry has released the cheaper model like the Curve 8520 followed by current Curve 3G model which cost only 12,xxx THB, the monthly fees still a bit too high for many of young students.

That’s leave the room for others to come grab the opportunity and compete with BlackBerry. So, the key to compete is point to the monthly fees, above are both jFone and Nokia who partnered with mobile operators to offered 39 THB and 29 THB per week for unlimited chat. Why can’t BB? Let’s see how RIM fight back.