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Pim’s Famous Cakes of Soi Ari

Another gift from my nice & cute colleagues, K.Porn, is what I really into it, a cake! Today we get famous cake that well known in how hard to get one (did we should compare to Krispy Kreme? 😉 ). It is cakes from Pim’s bakery in Soi Ari area. [Corrected information] Recommend to call before you go there, and you can order by phone call (I’m sorry for wrong information about the call service krub).

The must-try is called “Milky Bar” (left pic below), a soft & yummy milk cake I never try before. Another one is a “Brownies”, well known cake with different great tastes, perfect brownies! One box contains 16 pieces of a cake. For a Milky bar box cost 272 THB (17 THB each) while a Brownies box cost 240 THB (15 THB each).

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MacAir’s brothers meet up

Last night I need to fixing my brother’s 1st generation Macbook Air with my own 2nd generation one. It’s one of my rare moment like when 2 brothers have finally met, after wait for nearly 3 years. That’s 3 years also the same amount of time I wait before get this little brother as my companion who help me finally create this blog and share things to the world.

I don’t know why but I have proof to myself that using a Mac can help generate/boost creativity and inspiration. That should be more than enough, right? 😉

What happen if you got email address?

Now numbers of people wait for their very own email address. What you will do when you have that?

  1. Just keep it. Add it in your profile page. Not using it anyway.
  2. Change your main public email address from,,, or to Tell your friends, colleagues about this. Update email on your name card and resume to it.
  3. Register Windows Live ID with it and use it as your new primary MSN (Windows Live Messenger) IM account (chat program).
  4. Use it on all next lucky draw tickets, all online activity registrations and all things you really don’t want to be contact by their sales person, spam email or anyone later.
  5. Any more idea? Please leave your comments. 😉

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