My 42nd year has come

Today I have step into my 42nd year. Many things happen in 2020 that change my life forever. It helps me think about life more and more and choose what I want to do wisely. Live life the best by everyday every moments. Thank you for all helps from everyone that makes me being here today. I hope all the good you have done for me returns to you as well krub.

Don’t have much to say in this year. One thing I will finish it is the Japan 2019 trip video content series that I recorded just before COVID come to Tokyo. Many things impacted from COVID. Those moments are very precious, so I will try to published it to share to everyone.

Jay Jarern/2021.

2 thoughts on “My 42nd year has come”

  1. HBD my friend, long time no see in person but still catching up with you via online platform. Happy to see your happy life in 2020 and hope to see it again naa jaa. :))

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