How to do a facebook live video

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 8.29.54 PM

Today Facebook has released live video feature to Thai Facebook pages owners. I saw many famous Facebook pages do a test live video today. So, I try too. It’s easy. Just follow below step.

  1. Only a Facebook Page can do live video for now, normal users (profile) can’t. And Facebook live can do from mobile/tablet device, not from a computer/desktop/laptop/notebook.
    PS. Only Facebook app on iOS can do live video for now (Mar 13, 2016). Android will coming soon, I believe.
  2. Click to post something, notice the right side, new icon look like a broadcast.
  3. Click on it and will see the screen before live (black one), click Continue to start live! While live, we will see live comments from anyone who watching. After your live end, the video will be post on the Page as on-demand video.

Have fun! 🙂


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