Some “Line”s of great “(Pan)tip”s, I “Grab”bed from Web Wednesday Thailand 18.0


Have a great chance to join one of Thai top digital community events, The Web Wednesday Thailand 18.0. This is the 8th year of Web Wednesday Thailand which I used to be part of the event team from start, until recently.

Main Facebook page:
Event link:

I grabbed some lines of great tips from the main panel session which we have 4 digital key people on stages, Tiwa from as moderator, Bee+ Ariya Country head of Line Thailand, June co-founder of Grab application in Thailand and Boy Apisilp co-founder and CTO of

This is just a quick notes of what I found interesting since I am in the front-row (table, should be) today. 🙂 :-

  • Currently have 4.5 million active users per day
  • 16 million pageviews generated per day
  • Traffic come from mobile 60%, tablet 10% and desktop 30%
  • Pantip vision is to “Answer any questions of Thai people”. They aim for always show on Google search when anyone type in to find anything (great big goal).
  • Next month (March 2016) will have big  press release in the new creative format, keep watching!
  • Hot dramas topic can get million pageview in one day!
  • What is the most interesting topics of Thailand users (in a year)?
    1. Game
    2. Horoscope
    3. Celebrity’s personal stories (drama, love, etc.)
  • Will have official mobile application within this year
  • Currently have API that open to only trusted partner (eg. Thothzocial)
  • Generated 5,000 topics per day

Line Thailand :-

  • 33 million active users per month. Waiting for the new update number very soon!
  • Line for SME business
    – Line@ is the key product for SME
    – Easy is the key for SME business owner, since SME don’t have much time (like us!)
    – New bunch of Line@ features within this year (2016)! Keep watching!
  • Line Pay has 1.5 million users!
    – Credit card is a good start but not (enough) for Thai market
    – E-wallet is the answer for Thai market. We start with Angpao campaign.
  • What Line prepare for each group of users
    1. SME -> Easy tool
    2. Corporate brand -> One stop solutions that can provide anything brand need in digital
    3. Consumer -> To be more than just chat. Game, TV, Music, etc.

Grab :-

  • Already touch 11 million downloads
  • 1.5 million “calls” (use the service) per day
  • Have 200,000+ vehicles in network
  • Total ~35% growth (GrabBike alone is 75% growth)
  • Soon to launch GrabPay to ease users to use service more

Key challenges in 2016?

Surprisingly that everyone answer in the same way that the most challenging thing is hard to find digital people to work with!? For my own thoughts, I think there are many digital people out there in many fields, just one thing that within those crowd digital people, there are few ones who fit the requirements of those Thai Tech Titans, maybe. 😉

See you guys again in next Web Wednesday Thailand!

Jay Jarern.

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