Transfer facebook username from user profile to page

Did you know that you can transfer “username” of your facebook profile to your own page? I also don’t know it before.

Read this:

Problem is, I used to assigned the username I want to use to my profile, but now I want to use it with my new created page.

What I have done, that is not working. Is assumption that if I released the username from the profile, it should be available for other people to use, it’s not true!

Facebook may lock that username for a while (don’t know how long) to prevent abuse issue (I guess and agree).

I just found out that it’s easy that I thought, I can “transfer” username that I currently used to my page (for once). More than that, in my case, I already release username I love (by changing to other username). For other people who want to use this username, it shows “…. is not available”, but for the account that used to own this name, can assign it to the page! So, solution is assign that account to be admin of the page first, and go to to assign the name, this time all is working and no showing ” … is not available” again. I think Facebook give more trust to the user account who used to own the name more than other people (logically agree). 🙂

I hope this benefits you somehow. 🙂


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