Why Wayne Goss brush set not have Brush No.9?

I don’t sure do other people also wonder like me. Why Wayne seem to skip the Brush No.9?


credit: photo from love-makeup.co.uk

Wayne Goss is famous online make-up blogger who currently release 2 of his own brush set collection, “Wayne Goss The Collection” and “Wayne Goss The Face Set”. The first collection contains brush no.1-8, while the second collection contains brush no.10-15. The problem is, where is brush no.9? I have tweet to ask Wayne on his Twitter and leave question in his brush collection 2 video review but not yet get any response from him. If I have the answer, I will come to update here.

Cheers, all Wayne fans.

– Wayne Goss youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/gossmakeupartist
– Wayne Goss first brush collection “Wayne Goss The Collection” http://www.love-makeup.co.uk/wayne-goss-collection-p-5952.html
– Wayne Goss second brush collection “Wayne Goss The Face Set” http://www.love-makeup.co.uk/wayne-goss-face-p-6138.html


I find the answer. Thanks to one of my friends in my IG. He told me that the brush No.9 maybe the “Holiday Brush” that is limited edition from Wayne on Christmas 2013. He intend to make it limited and it come only one brush. This maybe the reason why the number is skip for one. On that period, I’m very busy, so I miss to buy this limited one. Anyway, I still happy that I finally know the answer. As promised, I come to update here in my blog for anyone who also wonder like me too. 😉 And this is what it look like.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 4.08.59 PM
credit photo from: http://www.beautylish.com/s/wayne-goss-the-holiday-brush (see this for more details and Wayne video on this one. Don’t miss!)

Cheers all Wayne fans,
Jay Makeup Artist.

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  1. Brush #9 I believe is the limited edition holiday brush that was released December 2013.

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