Platform and Products, to win one or lose both?

As I see in today business, if I am the owner of a restaurant, I will attract my customers with unique food and good experiences of the restaurant itself. To make my food unique to my restaurant, I will not provide my food to other competitor restaurant. This is make sense when the main objective (a.k.a. main business) is Restaurant not the Food itself. But when apply to online or digital business, I think I see it differently.

Compare Restaurant with Platform and Food with Products. If both can be independent business itself. At first, everyone want to achieve the win on the Platform fight, so they keep the great Products (sometimes Features) only available on their own Platform. As I see, many wars on the Platform (e.g. OS, Browser, Mobile, Internet TV) which happens, Platforms not success because not have enough good Products and in the other hand Products not success because not available in enough Platforms (to reach critical mass usages). This contradictions prevent both success to be happen. In the Platform fight, it should not fight on the Products inside but should fight with the core value of the Platform itself like convenient and usability.

Sooner or later, each (digital) wars will reach it end then the standard will emerge, like what it happen to OS and Browser. We will see who win each Platform fight and who decide to survive by no longer limit the Product availability.

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