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Start with Why ( is the book that my big boss used to recommend me to read and teach me the secret of it. It help we find the root cause, the reason and make me better drive the great result and escape from thinking trap when we start to think from “Why”. I think this also practical to life and many things outside from works.

Why’s life? It may be more familiar if said “Why I born?” “Why I have this life?”. Sound like simple question from broken heart people or hopeless people who faced lots of tough things in life. Don’t think that sad.

In my perspective, I see it very easy. We live to stay in the times and see the times pass by. Activity we do everyday is to eat, work, rest and some important activities in bathroom. This make up daily life looks simple. Why we need to work? We need to work for money (a.k.a. Salary). We used to hope the times pass by more fast, to get the Salary once again. If you also think like that, I think you will have fun see this movie, “Click” (, performed by Adam Sandler. If you like me, you will never think to speed up your life times again.

Why we need money? Because we need food, and later need good food and better food. We need dress, later we need brand name dress. We need to have money to pay for hospital in some cases. We need to pay for rent. We need to pay for bills. We need Macbook Air. We need iPod. We need iPhone. We need iPad. Later, we need better iPhone and iPad. We want happiness or sometimes we feels it equal to entertainment. We want to see movies, and more movies. Why we need entertainment, because we have really hard works and stress works ?!? We need to have good personality, so we need parfum and new dresses. Why we need good personality? May because we need a better job with more pay. Why we need to have better job? Maybe we want to make our parents be proud and happy. We want more money to take care parents to be happy too. Is they really happy with that?

Let’s start it again in this way. Works > Money > Happiness of ourselves and our family ?

And why works? Why those company need us to work for? It’s a capitalism you may used to heard from the news. The company invest money because they want the profits. They want profits because their investors want more profits. Investors are the rich people who have lots money and want it more, due to they want to use money in the way they want and in the amount they want. What rich people buy? Different from us in some ways but same with us in some way too. They buy expensive cars, they buy expensive bags, that’s why they need more money. Companies compete with each other to find more money, so that’s why they invest to hire people with higher salary to win the competitions that more tough everyday.

If we see it in the whole picture. Human just born to living by consume things. Things are made for people to buy it, use it, want it. Without those kind of “things”, money will not has any important left. Try to rethink that, you buy expensive things because spending make you happy and release stress from work? The work that you use your life times in returns of the money? Is it really worth?

People are borns, grow up, has family to have children and died. Heroes died, Important people died, everyone died. That’s fact of the world, or life. Why we need to continue this? Just because to continue humanity and revolution of mankind. So, what’s really important things in life? Now you may change your idea from “Money” at first start to …. what? Is it Happiness? So, what is your happiness? Did you ever ask yourself what is your true happiness. Is it the fame? (that one day we want to be Celebrity because they are so famous and rich) Is it the money? (that one day we want to be rich and can buy everything we want) Is it the power? … Like we used to see in the past movies that the bad guy always wish for living forever or be immortal, this idea seem fade from the movies when we now love the handsome vampire :P.

So, try think it once again. What is your truly happiness? Sometimes, I think it maybe just to spend times with the one you love, parents, family, lover, children. Share the happy moments and sad moments together. Or to help other people who has less, who not that lucky to has enough basic needs to living. To help other people to has more knowledges, so they can living more happy life, less stress, save more times, for more money they need to living happy in the way they think. I think knowledges also one things that can help bridging the gap of digital divide or society divide. And… that’s “why” I teach. Deeply from my heart. In my own ways.

Times are fast. And life is short (my boss always use this tag line; continue with something like “so don’t live it less” or “don’t do small things”). Steve Jobs also said great speech that I always keep in my mind I remembered he  thought us to think like we will die tomorrow, so we will escape from thinking trap and release our true power and creativity to do things. I like Steve Jobs, but I did not think like he’s god. I just think he’s one very important guy to the world, to many people life, also mine. But not just only him, there are many other people who important to my life.

And that’s “Why’s life?”.

Why’s Marketing? If you already read all above, it will be easy to understand what I will now explain. Marketing is just thing to help the Capitalism running. Marketing is good for businesses but is not always good for people and society. It’s maybe like everything that has pros and cons in itself. Without Marketing, we may living boring life, like a black and white, without colors. Today’s I’m marketer, means the person who living by using Marketing knowledges to help businesses achieve their goals (revenues and profits). But to only achieve that goals did not make me having a proud life. Why? As I see the world in big picture. Marketing core soul are to make people buy more, consume more, continue consuming (has loyalty). By trying to Differentiate and tell people that they have unmet need, think about one day that someone tell us that we need a television because it help we get more news and be update. Later we found that we love to see television not just only the news, but music and soap operas. The original concept of television also from Marketing that want to sell something and showing advertising. So, television need to have interesting program to make people spend as much times they have to stay in front of TV to see the advertising and want to buy things and will be the products company revenues and profits. Internet also the same new television. Internet company try to offers games and social networks for people to stay on the internet as much as possible because they want to selling the advertising or get money in other ways.

More than that, there is one day someone tell us that we need more slim phone than our beloved Nokia 3210, todays it likely that we can not living without smartphone. Try think did we really can’t living without it? One of Marketing objective is to tell people to discover their “unmet need”. What does it means? For me, it’s means the need that people themselves not yet know, so … I think it should be called “no need at all”. But it’s Marketing task to make people to believe that they really need it. Marketing is the man behind the scenes that make the culture, the community, the people life keep running everyday.

One thing about CSR. CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility should be the most beloved thing inside Marketing because it has some good to the society and community, the real good. But it can’t prevent from the fact that CSR also one of Marketing “tools”, in the Holistic Marketing Strategy by Professor Kotler I studied. We see the company who help the community whether donating or giving helps in the disaster, buy the advertising on television or in the movie theater. I use to wonder how much people they can help more with this advertising investment. Anyway, as I said, I still love this CSR the most.

So, from be marketer alone, I don’t be proud of. That’s why I want to do some goodness in returns to the society, to the community. And that’s the second reason “Why I teach”. It’s makes me be more proud to be marketer, at least helps other people with my own hands and in my own ways. I also want to teach new generation marketers to has ethics and do some goodness in returns to the community too.

From “Why’s life” to “Why’s Marketing” turns to be the reasons “Why I teach”.

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and think about it in your own ways.


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