Platform is matters.

Platform we choose to use will define the usability we will get. If we are on Facebook, we will have Facebook Group together with Integrated Facebook Messages/Chat system and mini Documents inside, Facebook Events and Facebook Video call (very high quality with Skype technology).

If we choose to be on Google’s, we will get Google Group, Google Docs, Google Calendar with Google+ Hangout best available group chat. Google platform used to be the only one choice for students or co-workers in non-profit organization choose to use as collaborate tool. But now, since Facebook are so popular in wide range of people, most of them have Facebook account (and remembered it!) but not Google’s.

Not so surprise that although both platforms encourage for open platform and industry standard, it’s hard to cross using the functionality from each other without register for both platform. Did it possible for one day that Facebook Group users can easily collaborate on the same Google Calendar? I hope will see it be more friendly with each other one day.

But for now, choosing the suitable platforms for your own needs is really matters.

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