Learning by Living – Marketing everyday

I always believe that we have things to learn everyday and every minutes in life is valuable time for learning.

Full competition of Wifi at Paragon. I see the communication on the door that there are 4 Wifi networks available here. AIS is partnered with 3BB, AIS customers who want to use the Wifi need to subscribe to some AIS Wifi packages. dtac Wifi are now free for dtac customers by go to request for one day username and password at dtac shop 3rd floor. True Wifi are available to subscribed customers or some special packages that offered Wifi for free (same like AIS did). Customers seem to have more choices of Wifi here now.



I just accidentally found that this coffee shop is Amazon coffee! By the name Amazon Embrace reflect its premium positioning than Amazon Coffee that we found at the oil station. This shop are opposite to Asiabooks store here at Paragon. Worth a visit.

Although, it’s a bit late for eBook business, it’s good to see that my favorites bookshop, Asiabooks, do something more strategic with the eBook impact. We used to see True Corporation try to do this eBook business in past. Now we see Oakbees who do many Thai magazine offerings on iPad platform and ebooks.in.th, from my friend who own Porar web hosting company, which has the dream to be Amazon Kindle standard for Thai market. This business still need times, development and also competitions.

It’s strategic for Samsung to communicate its Samsung SmartTV on its own device (it’s will be funny if they used competitors’ TV right? ;). But as a consumer, I also hope to see other things on this SmartTV than their advertising. It will be great and more branded content to have other sample of content available via Samsung SmartTV I think.


More to learn, more to live, more to discover.


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