First car accident

Someone say, all car driver would face one same thing sooner or later, that is a car accident. I used to worry and nervous, can’t imagine how my first car accident will look like. I am sure of one thing that no one like it, same like me too.

This morning, My car got hit by followed car from sudden brake. The first moment I heard the crash sound, I feel a bit shock, sad and try to accept what will going on, waste of time and also money. But after first discuss with the driver who ride the car which hit mine, while I am going to call the Insurance, he ask me to take a look at the crash position again. It look like nothing happen to my car except only the car ID tag. So, he try convinced me to let him go due to my. Car seem not effect any. I know that it’s not the best choice to let him go like that but I think it’s may not worth my time, go to work late and risk for other accident in the middle of the dark road, so I agree and we both separate.

After I arrive at the car park, I have time to see the crash position behind my car more clear under bright light. I found tiny distort of the body but the color still not impact and a bit damages on the black plastic. At first, I am sad that my car got these first damages by other people (other than I did it myself for 2-3 times), but I feel happy to know that I am still ok and these damages are very less compared to what I used to see other people got. I first think that today is a bad day, but now I think today is the good day that I did not get any harms from the car accident create by other people out of my control.

Drive carefully and wish you’re safe, my readers.

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