Why I not buy online?

I have a discussion with my friends that generate thought on why they not buy online which make me excite and can’t sleep without writing it due to I afraid to forget it in tomorrow morning.

Trial and Trust are 2 keys in my findings. Discount on online shopping, if not high enough like 50%-70%, can’t make people to risk buying online for the first time. But if they have tried it once and “pass all the worries”, it will make they buy online again if the discount is worth the effort, this time discount no need to high like the first time. What we currently know about benefits of buying online are saving time to go to the real shop, saving money from discount provided to online purchase and availability of some products only on online channel. Although they accepted that buying online help save time, the discount still be another decide-factor to buy for the products that easy to find at real shops.

What stop people from first time buying online are education need on how to buy online and worries when doing it. So, I see it’s need to educate people more on what is all about buying online, what need to have, who ready to do and what steps need to do. About all the worries, they are afraid of the quality of the product they will get, the quality of delivery, how fast the product will be delivered, security of purchasing online with credit card and how to return the failure products. So, to make them consider re-purchase online, it’s need to make them feel good from all above worries after their first try.

However, the products itself also related to some more constraints in buying online, for example, some products has expiration (eg. skin cares) so create worry on expired period of product they get, some products are size related (eg. clothes) so create worry of the fit when wearing, some products prefer to have advices from sale person (eg. skin cares, again) so online channel lack real time discussion.

It’s seem not only trust on seller and credit card online payment security are only key factors of why they not buy, like we always say. For me, Trial and Trust (on many points mentioned above) are more to be concerned.

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