How to fix Facetime for Mac (cannot) Sign in problem

The Facetime make me headache for last 2 days. I try to test Facetime among iPhone4, iPad2 and Macbook Air. All are not success. After I try to ask help from my mobile operator (dtac), I got some hopes and ideas to test (the call center was very helpful and kindness).

What I did :-

1. I try test Facetime outside my home, at Starbucks which I have TrueWifi account. I success in do Facetime between iPhone4 and iPad2 outside home. When I come back home and test again, it keep working.

2. The problem now is on Macbook Air only. First I uninstall the free version of Facetime and buy the upgraded version from Mac Appstore (for Macbook not iPhone) with $0.99 . From installing it, make me need to go through the sign-in process again and found out that I can’t sign in with any of my Apple ID account, weird? So, I try Google and found the useful article that talking about this. What I need to do is to go to Macbook System Preferences > Network and Add DNS for the current connection I used with and . After hit Apply button and turn off and on both Wifi and Facetime app. I can sign in it successfully. And I can success do Facetime from Macbook to iPhone4 and from Macbook to iPad2.

So, if you have problem like me on Macbook Facetime, try do above step.

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  1. I can’t find the ‘Add DNS’…
    I went to Launch Pad, clicked on System Preferences, and then clicked on Network… and i don’t see ‘Add DNS’…
    only my WIFI networks/ add WIFI network…

  2. Try first select “Wifi” click on “Advanced” click on “DNS” and click on plus sign and enter IP address and click “Apply”

  3. Woah hey thanks! I’ve been having issues logging into facetime for months now and I don’t know I haven’t gotten around to getting it fixed. Anyway, it’s great that I can just google something and there’s a solution 🙂 so yeah, thanks! my facetime works again!

  4. hi, I tried all the options on MAC book pro for facetime, still it is not working
    I have added dns entries and disabled/enabled wifi and facetime.

    when I called up one user it is trying to connect(ring is coming) but it is not connecting
    For second user, when I tried I am getting error (user “is not available for facetime”)
    I really appreciate your quick help


  5. my issue is resolved after doing below things

    1) I have to call from my mac to my mobile number (not the email address)

    2) I changed the number to: xxxxxxxxxx (from xxx-xxx-xxxx format)

    3) I have added & in my macs’ DNS entry

    4) I have disabled and enabled my wifi and facetime couple of times… thanks for all your help…

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