Election war is also another Consumer hunting war!

Here come again the times that we will see lots of Election stand boards all around Bangkok (if not all around the country). Sometimes it’s fun to see collections of each candidates. Some of them has more marketing in mind like the one I want to mentioned here, K.Chuvit. Most of the times, I see that K.Chuvit’s stand boards are interesting (and sometimes fun to see). Differ from other candidates that usually show his/her faces with the most happy moment and confident version, but for K.Chuvit most of them are nervous, angry and serious faces.

Election come and pass, but we need to live with the candidates who win election for around 4 years, so please go to election event and choose the one you agree with them most na krub 🙂

Election in other aspect, is another marketing event that has goal to win heart & mind of consumer, same like other products, I think.

*thanks a lot to image of K.Chuvit stand board from K.Soonthorn’s blog at OKNation

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