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The sign of my bad life is how long I not blog. Surprising that it was 45 days without blogging. Oh god!

Today I sit in a cozy coffee shop somewhere. I think about my old idea at the time I want to start an IT style coffee shop. I think it will be great to have some Public Message System that anyone in the same coffee shop be able to send some message and display on the public wall (or possibly be Tweet board?). A public chat room that always available for any customers to join in and can see everyone there. Should has some personal message that can send direct to other customer (yeh, it must be able to blocking message from some one temporary too). Should be able for customer to show their profile with link to their blogs or websites. This will benefits in several ways included someone who wanna find some new friends or new dates. 😉

It also possible to link this to the coffee shop social media itself that customers can Like, comment and share something on.

I happy I come back to blog again. I like coffee, coffee shop and internet.

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