What’s happen at the Kloset?

I have passed Kloset shop (http://klosetdesign.com) at Siam Center on last Saturday, Dec 4, 2010. I see a lot of people queueing in front of the shop! What happen? No any sale sign. They let around 10 people to go into the shop per round. I heard some teens who walk passed saying with laugh to his friends that “It seem they give free Krispy Kreme to the customers” 😀 (I feel like that too).

After I call one of my best friends, who should know this female clothes designer brand, I got some clues. I also ask from the shop staff. This is my conversation.

Me: Excuse me, what happen in there? Is it a sales promotion?
Staff: No, sir. Not a sales. It just our new design of the fabric.
Me: O.o ! How cost of it, please?
Staff: 890 THB per one sheet (shoulder cover fabric) *Not exceed 1,000 THB as I remembered

This is look like something almost every people buying, the shoulder cover fabric (?) click here.

So, I got conclusion that  it should be a trend for these girls (some are women) to have the latest style of Kloset shoulder cover fabric. Did you got one? 😀

As a Marketer:
I think this is another success Thai designer brand who can bring people to queue up this much just to buy their products. A proof that not only iPhone4 (gadgets) and Krispy Kreme (food) can make this happen.

It should be from the perfect matched of key factors like

  • the brand perception to their target customers itself,
  • their sweet spot price that exactly match their customers affordable price (not too expensive to buy one for university students and first jobbers),
  • their unique of the products (all fabric design are from the designer creation) and
  • some of Thai nationality feeling (we love support Thai cool designer!).

Clapping for the rise of Thai designer! 🙂

3 thoughts on “What’s happen at the Kloset?”

  1. Well, I think this brand run business with the low volume and unable to meet customers’ demands. The brand always launched new product with the pre-order process, some item for VIP member only (1 piece/member) that’s why Kloset’ items become rare and needed more. This situation becomes a good opportunity for internet sellers who buy the items at shop and sell them via website with the raising price. Please see the example @ siambrandname.com ^^

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