First time with BlackBerry Torch 9800

I just accidentally bought my new BlackBerry Torch 9800 last Saturday (Dec 4, 2010) from Paragon itself, not AIS or dtac shop. It was from new official distributor of RIM in Thailand name “SiS” (, big distributors of big brands like HP, HTC and Apple in Thailand (Did you know? : All Apple products you find inside Paragon and The Mall itself are all from SiS – oh!).

Big 3 mobile operators in Thailand also now announce they’re ready to sell it too! (Surprise?) 😉
JayMart also sell it too. So no rush, no need to reserve and fight for it like the iPhone4! 😀 (happy customer!)

It was sold at the same price 21,900 THB (VAT included).

After some usages. What I found out.


  • Bigger RAM memory (it’s a blood for all BB!) to 512 MB. No longer need to restart it every half a day. Say goodbye to the   . Hooray!! 😀
  • 3 controls in 1: You got all input method, Touch screen, TrackPad and Keyboard. Waiting for long time for the backup method of input rather than the TrackPad (who used to faced TrackPad issues will understand my feeling -.-).
  • Free 4GB memory card included.
  • Normal style headphone, no more in-ear type (this better for me). I don’t comfort with the in-ear headphone. ;P
  • The Sync USB cable and Charging cable are separated. Don’t like I saw in youtube video that it give only one cable for use with both things (in Europe/US I think). (happy Thai customer!) 😀


  • No Hostler. I will miss BlackBerry Hostler. :'(
  • Hard to click on the link in webpage when browsing with the touch screen. Better to use the TrackPad to click (iPhone still doing better job for me on this). Anyway, it’s the best BlackBerry touch screen I used to try. 🙂


  • If you dream of the backup input method to use BB when something was gone, it’s for you.
  • And if you feel difficult to choose between the Touch screen (of Storm model) or the Keyboard (of Bold model), it’s for you!
  • But if you’re fans of the Bold and no need above 2 points. You better be with the new Bold that also come with bigger RAM memory. 😉


  • Carefully before you buy. You need to know which mobile operator you will used before you buy it (AIS, dtac, etc.). This Torch come with several sub-model to support for each mobile operator 3G signals. But when they will commercialize their 3G? I think not yet in 2011. -.-“

2 thoughts on “First time with BlackBerry Torch 9800”

  1. I am very interested in buying a Torch. I use my phone mostly as an ebook reader, do you have any experience with that? What’s it like in bright sunlight? How well does the GPS on the phone work, I understand it uses Blackberry maps are they any good for rural Isaan Thailand? Thank you.

  2. Hi George. I don’t think mobile suit for using as e-book reader. It has same problem with most lcd screen device in bright sunlight. As I see only Kindle work best in that condition. GPS is ok. But I never try it in Isaan, so I don’t sure about that. Cheers. 🙂

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