I’m back! Starbucks on 3rd floor Central World!

One thing we missed, one thing gone with Zen after the Bangkok crisis is the famous Starbucks 3rd floor on the corridor of Central World from Zen side. The shop now re-open and welcome all lovely friends back for a visit. More excitements from the re-opening is the new decoration that based on wood, that refresh the old earth tone scheme. Come with me to experiences the shop once again.

The new wood condiment bar (Feel like what I have seen in Hongkong airport?)

The new wood style counter and tall chair. There are many congratulation flowers on it too! 🙂

The new dark brown stool suit with the wood table (right).

The new sofa. Very feel comfort on it! Relaxing! 🙂

Iced venti peppermint mocha (left). Iced venti rasberry latte (right).

A little play 😀 (left). The new style of hanging paintings (right).

The other side area that near Zen entrance, very suitable and un-disturbing places for working people (left). The entrance from inside Central World, near Zen entrance (right).

End of the tour. Why not try visit it yourself? 😉

Dec 10, 2010 5:44 PM @ Starbucks 3rd floor Central World (Thailand)

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