Here come Starbucks planner and calendar 2011! >w<

Finally, I got both Starbucks planner (look like diary) and calendar for this coming 2011 year! (bravo!). This year the planner is not difficult to get. Just open a Starbucks Card (or refill your current card) for 2,000 THB amount and order at least 1 cup in any kind of Toffee nut latte and Peppermint mocha, not too hard like some old years with the collecting sticker -_-”

For calendar, it’s hard to own than the planner (believe that?) since it is not for sale. Starbucks will send this calendar to you at home for free! (not yet say hooray at this point -.-) … if you are one in top 500 (don’t sure about the amount but it’s around this +/-) customers who spending in the year 2010 with the Starbucks Card that registered with Starbucks Thailand.

I used to get the calendar by this method in the old year, but for this year, I got special help from my friend ;P Warning! almost of Starbucks Card which activated in other country outside Thailand will not be count in your spending since it can not be registered with Starbucks Thailand system (try it ;>).

Other photos related to the planner :-

Other photos related to the calendar :-

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  1. Wow~ your blog looks great. I’m also eyeing on the calendar and planner but I guess somehow it’s somewhat expensive.

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