Number portability of dtac mobile operator

After heard about the Number Portability policy released by NTC (National Telecommunication Commission) for long, this is the first time that I see sincerity from mobile operator to really implementing this.

Although, dtac limit only 20 customers to join the program (from other operator? or go to other operator?), it’s a good start and sure be good for consumer.

Clapping for dtac!

External harddisc design for MacAir

First impression with this external harddisc by Western Digital that very suit to the MacAir users. It’s seem like it made for each other.

[later added] I find this device available at iStudio Nawamin City branch. It’s name is “My Passport Essential“. This MacAir like color model available in 2 sizes, 320 GB at 1,650 THB and 500 GB at 2,150 THB. Hope this info useful for who interest in it. 🙂

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